My mom is about to get her first iPhone ever, and she has no idea which apps to install to her phone. I promised to make a blog post about, which apps she could download in the App Store.

What is the App Store? Well, App Store is a virtual store made by the company Apple, to distribute mainly apps to iPhones and iPads, and can be used through iTunes or the App Store application. From 2008 to 2011 it reached more than 10 billions of downloads, and it is much much more now.


So, you are not the first one using App Store, thus it is made very userfriendly, and it also suggests all the most popular apps, when you want to find some new ones. Some of these are probably already installed on your phone because

Which iPhone to choose?

If you want to find out, which iPhone is the best value for money reviews and research needs to be done first. If you are loaded, you can always choose the newest and most expansive iPhones, but they are high in quality, and sometimes it can be a good idea to buy last years model.

They are some nice websites on the internet, where you can compare iPhones or smartphones in general. I don’t think my mom needs all the best specifications, but she will probably end up buying the newest version anyways, unless she, for once, listening to what I have to say.

That is why I am making this blog post because I have to send this message across the Atlantic due to my travels.


I have just made a quick but good list of nice to have apps on your iPhone or smartphone in general.

Top 21 apps for iPhone

  1. Google Maps
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Outlook
  6. Mobile Pay
  7. Dashlane
  8. Endomondo
  9. Dropbox
  10. Fooducate
  11. NBA
  12. Livescore
  13. Sleep Cycle
  14. Snapchat
  15. Duolingo
  16. MyFitnessPal
  17. Netflix
  18. GuitarTuna
  19. Spotify
  20. ViaPlay
  21. GoMore

I hope this blog post wasn’t for nothing. Thank you for reading, and good luck investing in your new iPhone and downloading all the apps, which will just make the use of the phone so much better.


By the way, I think Jakob Fuglsang will win this year’s Tour de France.

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